Things to consider

Understanding the Difference

When selling your manufactured/mobile home on a leased lot in a community you need to hire a Mobile Home Dealer or Broker. The homes in these communites are not represented by realtors or real estate agents,  they represent transactions of  privately owned property.   


When looking for a professional to represent you for the sale or purchase of  your home, it's important for you to choose a mobile home broker with a phenomenal track record and a history of serving buyers and sellers with honesty and integrity.  Be sure that you do your research!  A mistake in choosing a highly rated professional can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and time!

Marketing Experience

Do they have marketing experience in the manufactured/mobile home business?  Great sites and memberships are MHVillage, FB (Facebook), FMO (Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida), FMHA (Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc.) to name a few. 

Mobile Home Brokers

  A State of Florida Licensed Professional Mobile  Home Broker has taken the steps to represent you in the professional manner you deserve as a  manufactured/mobile home customer.  The  broker is trained in the transaction of  transferring  ownership of a mobile/manufactured home on  leased/rented land where there is no dirt in the  sale.   

steps to take

Call several brokers and send them emails.  See how quickly they respond to your inquiry.  Do you have to leave a message? Is their voicemail message professional?  When they answer the phone, are they personable and friendly? Do they willingly give you a lot of information? Are they on the cutting edge of the customer service and mobile home industry? Do they answer their phone after 5 pm? or before 9 am? How quickly do you get an email response?

Confirm with your gut

Set an appointment with the prospective broker/agent and evaluate their personality and appearance. How comfortable do they make you feel in person?  Would you buy from them?  During the presentation by the broker/agent, do they ask for the listing? They should. Remember, they need to ask your buyers for the sale.Is their documentation clear and professional looking? Do they have all documentation with them to finalize your listing?

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